CONVAR 2K is a premium, two component, post catalyzed acrylic urethane. 

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CONVAR 2K is a premium, two component, post catalyzed acrylic urethane designed for the toughest of situations. The unique crosslinking catalyst combines to give a very hard yet flexible and chemically resistant coating.  CONVAR 2K is intended to be a replacement for traditional solvent conversion varnish but much easier to use.  This unique, user friendly product has a 24 hour pot life after which the product can be re-inoculated one more time with more crosslinker, thus eliminating waste. 

 Application:CONVAR 2K is designed to replace conventional solvent based conversion varnishes and as such should be sprayed.  Add 2 fluid ounces of the crosslinker to 1 gallon of CONVAR 2K.  Mix slowly and completely taking care not to create air bubbles.  Product can be used immediately after incorporation. Do not over-apply. Thin coats are better than heavy coats. Product should not go on looking milky. If it does, you have applied too much and dry time will be lengthened substantially.

Pot Life: CONVAR 2K has a workable pot-life of 24 hours.  After that time the product can be re-inoculated with more crosslinker one additional time.

Dry Time:CONVAR 2K is designed to dry to sand at 75 F in less than 20 minutes. Re-coat immediately after sanding. It is safest to apply no more than 2-3 coats per day. Product must be completely dry before another coat is applied.

 Clean-Up: Clean and flush all equipment with water immediately after use.

E.S.C. Coatings are designed for the professional and therefore a certain level of knowledge is assumed.  When in question always do a test area.  For questions please call 619-297-4421.

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